Apple Vision Pro: Analysis for BBC News

My analysis for BBC News discussed Apple's "Vision Pro" headset and whether it can succeed.

Apple Vision Pro: Analysis for BBC News

In 2023, I was interviewed by BBC News about Apple's newly announced "Vision Pro" headset. My analysis in full:

The announcement of Apple’s “Vision Pro” headset represents a major milestone for the industry, potentially revitalising the nascent AR/VR market and paving the way to mainstream adoption. Apple’s headset out-manoeuvres competitor devices from companies like Meta with a cutting-edge premium design that differs significantly from anything else currently on offer, but also comes with the heavyweight advantage of Apple’s brand-recognition and highly integrated ecosystem that now spans from smartwatches to TV shows. Although it won’t appeal to mainstream consumers at first on account of its high price point and immediate shortcomings as a first-generation device, such as its separate wired battery pack, Apple has proven its ability to overcome skepticism about the utility of new devices and encourage users to part with cash to add a new gadget to their repertoire. With devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch, Apple demonstrated how it can gradually grow adoption and come to dominate new markets. The headset could follow a similar trajectory. The headset and its operating system, visionOS, provide a platform for Apple to test the market and iterate on cutting-edge technologies to reach its apparent long-term goal of replacing the smartphone with augmented-reality glasses. There are already rumours of a cheaper, more accessible Apple headset as the company looks to bypass the plateau in smartphone innovation and push the envelope in a whole new device category.

My analysis went on to be quoted by a range of other major news organisations.

Vision Pro: Apple’s new augmented reality headset unveiled
The high price and two-hour battery life raise questions about how popular the new device will be.