The MacRumors Show

The MacRumors Show is a video podcast focused on Apple news and rumors. I helped launch the podcast in 2021 and have co-hosted it ever since.

In December 2021, I helped MacRumors launch its long-awaited podcast: "The MacRumors Show", featuring a range of high-profile guest from the media and technology industry. I co-host the podcast with MacRumors' media producer Dan Barbera. Co-hosting The MacRumors Show gives me the opportunity to discuss the latest Apple-related news and rumors, and offer my own insights and opinions on the topics at hand.

The MacRumors Show podcast has a large and engaged audience. The show has gone on to be ranked amongst the top 60 podcasts in the UK and frequently charts amongst the top podcasts in the technology category worldwide, surpassing competing podcasts from mainstream news outlets like the BBC, The New York Times, and others.