MacRumors one of the world's biggest technology websites, focusing on Apple Inc.-related news and rumors. MacRumors composes my largest body of work, encompassing over 2,000 article bylines.


I am a Senior Editor at the American technology news website MacRumors and co-host of its accompanying podcast, "The MacRumors Show". My role involves contributing to daily news coverage and writing a wide range of content for the website, including buyer's guides, roundups, and occasional product reviews.

My position at MacRumors is the cornerstone of my professional identity, representing my most extensive body of work. I have not only contributed significantly to the site's content, but also embraced the immense responsibility that comes with reaching MacRumors' vast global audience.

My time at MacRumors is a reflection of my passion for technology and commitment to quality writing. It is a role that continually challenges me, fosters growth, and allows me to be at the forefront of the ever-changing tech landscape. The experience has proven to be integral in shaping my career and personal life, as well as build my role as a voice in the Apple community and world of technology journalism.

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The Vanguard of Apple News: A Pioneering Blog

MacRumors reports and aggregates Apple Inc.- and Mac-related news, rumors, and information, commanding attention from both individual customers and industry watchers alike. MacRumors is said to know "more about Apple than Apple management does". The website is updated on a daily basis with new articles and it provides a selection of other content including guides, tutorials, videos, and a podcast.

MacRumors has been credited as a pioneering blog, emerging in the early 2000s at a time when the world of blogging was rapidly expanding, parallel to Apple Inc. itself. Distinguishing itself from many of its contemporaries, it has not only maintained its popularity but also expanded significantly into a media organisation in its own right. Today, it is one of the world's most popular technology websites, most valuable blogs, and highest-traffic Apple-centric websites. As a result, MacRumors is a very prominent website within the Apple community, not least due to its popular forum that boasts over one million members.

With hundreds of millions of page views, MacRumors' influence is evident in its impact on Apple's stock returns and its citation by mainstream news outlets, making it a critical player in the tech journalism landscape. MacRumors and its editors are frequently ranked among the top technology news publications and authors on technology news aggregator Techmeme, and its work is often cited by mainstream news outlets like CNBCBloomberg, and others. It is privately owned with a commitment to rigorous editorial standards and putting readers first.

My Journey at MacRumors

I have been passionate about Apple and consumer technology from a young age, dating back to the iPod—a device that utterly captivated me as a child. I sought to learn everything I could about the company's devices and platforms, educated myself about its history, watched every Apple event live-stream, and read MacRumors every day, utterly immersing myself in the company in what became a key passion of mine.

Having closely followed Apple news and rumors for almost a decade, I was extremely fortunate to join MacRumors in early 2020 as a part-time Contributing Writer. After months of participation in the site's news coverage, I was invited to become full-time contributor in mid-2020, before being promoted to an Editor in 2021, when my remit expanded considerably. In late 2022, I became a Senior Editor. This rapid progression highlights my unique expertise, commitment to quality writing, and ability to turn my hand to a range of important tasks.

The MacRumors Show

Nowhere is my engagement with the global tech community more acutely felt than in my podcast. In late 2021, I helped launch The MacRumors Show and now co-host the popular podcast on a weekly basis.

The MacRumors Show
The MacRumors Show is a top-charting video podcast focused on Apple news and rumors, featuring high-profile guests from the industry. I helped launch the podcast in 2021 and have co-hosted it ever since.

The podcast enables me to delve deeply into many of the topics I write about while learning from major voices in the tech community.

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