Apple: The Trillion Dollar Betrayal

In 2021, I contributed as a non-partisan commentator to Enderley Pictures' documentary "Apple: The Trillion Dollar Betrayal," a film that takes a closer look at Apple's meteoric rise, offering balanced insights into Apple Inc.'s controversial practices.

Apple: The Trillion Dollar Betrayal

In 2021, I had the unique opportunity to be interviewed by Enderley Pictures for the documentary "Apple: The Trillion Dollar Betrayal". This film delved into the controversial ascent of Apple Inc., revealing the dark underbelly of its rise to become the world's most valuable company. My participation marked my first formal interview about Apple, where I provided a balanced, non-partisan perspective amid a narrative often polarised by strong opinions on the tech giant.

"Apple: The Trillion Dollar Betrayal," directed by Billy Arthur, scrutinizes Apple Inc.'s journey from its humble beginnings to its current status as an industry leader. The documentary explores various allegations against Apple, including anti-competitive practices, tax avoidance, and unethical labor practices, painting a picture of a company that has reshaped our relationships with technology and each other, but not without significant controversy​​​​.

Apple Inc.'s meteoric rise has been unstoppable, but behind its journey to the top lie some dark secrets.

As a non-partisan commentator, I provided the "connective tissue" for the documentary. My insights helped to balance the viewpoints of other interviewees, many of whom took a strict anti-Apple or pro-right-to-repair stance. My expertise on Apple, honed through years of study and observation, allowed me to contribute significantly to the narrative, ensuring that the documentary presented a well-rounded discussion of the issues. It was a fulfilling experience that not only highlighted the importance of the capacity of documentary filmmaking to investigate emerging issues but also reinforced my commitment to balanced and insightful commentary in the rapidly evolving world of technology.

The documentary went on to gain international recognition, being screened at prestigious film festivals like the Reus International Film Festival in Spain and the Tiburon International Film Festival in the USA. In 2022, it earned a nomination for a Royal Television Society Award in the UK, a testament to its impact and the quality of its investigative storytelling.